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Micropulva is a Finnish limited liability high-tech company. The company has developed and patented a number of novel solutions for micronizing different raw materials, microclassification, dry concentration and wet concentration.

Micropulva’s core know-how is the development of new micronized raw materials and new material technologies, and the enhancement of sustainable development.

Micropulva is an expert company that tests, consults and markets equipment and micronized material application technologies for different industries and R&D applications.

Micropulva Ltd Oy: Key technologies

micronization based on two-phase flow together with enhanced control and automation
dynamic microclassification based on rotary flow
dry concentration of valuable metals
removal of carbon from fly ash using flotation

Micropulva technology - Focus:

Development of new, finer and high-quality raw materials to save non-renewable natural raw materials and to enhance efficient use of such materials.

Sustainable development by recycling waste materials, such as fly ash, which can be used in concrete after the carbon content has been removed by flotation.

Energy efficiency. The use of kinetic energy in particle size reduction reduces energy consumption (kWh/product ton) to approximately half of the competitors.

High-quality products. Efficient dynamic classification together with controlled energy consumption. Precise product particle size distribution as per customer requirements.